The Winners!


At Startup Weekend, we kind of see the event as a marathon: it is a badge of honor just to complete it! You all have very much to be proud of, and we are proud of our entire July class of startups. That being said, there were four startups who stood out above the rest and were named our champions!


Honorable Mention: Picnic

Picnic is a sharing platform not creating a new behavior, but only looking to simplify the sharing experience. By allowing the user to aggregate and curate the digital life into one location (“Picnic”), they can Curate & Create, Contribute & Share their digital life with friends, family and colleagues.

– Mez Gebre
– Derrick Brazeal

Third Place: Procure

A photography and videography backup service for professionals. Combining the reliability of the cloud with the ease of a local hard drive copy and paste.

 Suprasanna Mishra
– Jeff Long
– Ross Gibson
– Silas Baronda
– Heather Gruda

Second Place: ClearCut – your on-demand grounds crew.

A mobile application that offers homeowners an on-demand lawn cutting and snow plowing solution that minimizes landscapers’ downtime.

– Bill Bishalany
– Kade Hall
– Richard Lucas

First Place: Nucleus

Providing a platform to foster collaboration among citizen scientists and disrupt traditional scientific publishing. Publish-Collaborate-Advance.

– David Taffany
– Bijal Patel
– Kat Mullens
– Marcus Oberholzer

Congratulations and keep working!