Our July Class of Startups


With day two came a frenzy of building, mentoring, advice, rebuilding, feedback, pivots, and more building. At the end of this whirlwind day, we are proud to present you with our July 2013 class of startups from Startup Weekend Columbus! Stay tuned tomorrow for recaps of the final pitches. You can also follow the updates on Facebook and Twitter!

ClearCut – Your on-demand grounds crew.

A mobile application that offers homeowners an on-demand lawn cutting and snow plowing solution that minimizes landscapers’ downtime.


Idea Dump

Web/mobile app that allows people to upload 30 sec video clips that are voted on by site users. It is useful to the Startup Weekend community by allowing people to practice their pitches, receive feedback, and connect prior to the event.



Pushforward.co, a web tool that allows instant feedback for professors while they are teaching class. We want to improve classroom engagement with efficient data transmissions and real-time analysis



A web application that will help stores send help and personal assistance to customers when they need it at the click of a beacon!



We create business cards with an “QR”  ,or other, code on the back that allows users to scan the code and view a 3D image through the viewfinder app on their smartphones.



A photography and videography backup service for professionals. We combine the reliability of the cloud with the ease of a local hard drive copy and paste.



We are trying to help people find the best value car that fulfills their needs. Whether their needs include gas mileage, safety, speed, or reliability we will find them the best car for their money.


MOD – Manifestation on Demand

Consumer Driven Designs.

Crowd Sourced Manufacturing.


Refsume is a service for referees to keep track of their career



Blackbook takes the pain out of home inventory management.  Easily add products, register the warranties and check against a list of known stolen goods.



Providing a platform to foster collaboration among citizen scientists and disrupt traditional scientific publishing. Publish-Collaborate-Advance.



ChronoScore is a constant reminder to people that life is rewarding, yet finite. We allow you to maximize experiences through our proprietary algorithm and  dashboard for tracking and accomplishing goals, while providing opportunities to accomplish those goals in a timely manner  through personalized  offers.



Picnic is a sharing platform, we are not creating a new behavior, we are

only looking to simplify your sharing experience. By allowing the user to

aggregate and curate the digital life into one location “Picnic”. They can

Curate & Create, Contribute & Share their digital life with friends, family

and colleagues.



Automated time and location-based ringtone silencer/changer.