Drum Roll: The Shirt Design for the November 9th, 2012 Columbus Startup Weekend


Skreened, the shop that makes awesome custom t-shirts, is the official shirt sponsor of our upcoming Fall Startup Weekend. They have committed to our startup community here in Cbus to clothe us with an amazing tee that tells a story and inspires us. Every participant of the November 9th Startup Weekend will receive this amazing shirt designed and printed by the Skreened team.

So, are you pumped yet? Are the entrepreneurial juices flowing? Are you foaming at the mouth with excitement?

Well clean yourself up man. That’s kind of gross.

Now that you have yourself together, check out the design for the shirt you’l be receiving as a Startup Weekend Fall participant (and if you haven’t RSVP’ed for the upcoming Startup Weekend this Friday, it’s definitely time to get on that).

Startup Weekend Fall 2012 Shirt Design