Event Announcement: The Hacktastic Hackathon


Looking to satisfy that Startup Weekend itch before the event?  Ohio State’s TCO has announced that they will be holding single-day hack events periodically throughout the year -and you are in luck, because the next one will be just in time to dust off those hacking skills and get you ready for the 54-hour frenzy of Summer Startup Weekend!

Ohio State Technology Commercialization Startup Weekend Columbus SponsorThe upcoming Hacktastic Hackathon will be the week before Columbus Startup Weekend on Thursday, June 21st from 9am-8pm. Beyond that, this hackathon is unique in that the focus is on a sector of technology that typically gets ignored: Agriculture and Food Science. What will you do between those crazy hours you ask? Well, let me tell you:

The event starts with idea collection leading up to the Thursday Hack-Fest. These ideas are then displayed the morning of the event. Each attendee gets 5 votes to distribute as they please and the men are separated from the boys. The strong survive and those ideas will become a flurry of ideation, hacking, thinking & doing (until 5pm).

From there, the show-off shall begin. Attendees will come check out the solutions and products that were formulated less 12 hours earlier. Teams will then need to convince folks that attend the mingle/judge portion of the event that their idea is not only good  -its bad ass.

There then shall be outright braggery (that’s a real word. It’s located somewhere on the internet), networking and judgement (dun dun DUNN). When all is said and done, winners shall be crowned and prizes handed out.

The previous (and first) TCO Hackathon was a huge success, with a mix of over 45 attendees ranging from your typical startup hack kid, experienced developers to OSU Medical Center Staff, faculty and students. Hacktastic attendees spent their day working on health and iPhone related projects to create amazing results in just 13 hours. Three of the five ideas from the last event are still in motion -with two having strong potential to receive funding from the OSU Medical Center, and one is going into Fast Switch for incubator action.

“What I like about this event is that it doesn’t penalize those that cant code, and forces everyone who thinks they can tell a story of what could be to prove it. I also want everyone at the party, staff, students, deans, faculty, GEE (he was at our first one), everyone get to the table and think, dream and make it so.” 

-Dan Rockwell, Startup Weekend Mentor  

Who should attend the event?

  • Mentors to help nurse ideas along (contact: Dan Rockwell at jimmydan[at]gmail[dot]com for more info)
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • General Hackers
  • Hustlers (aka, all you “Non-Technical” folk)
  • Mixers and Minglers for the free Hacktastic idea showing from 5-8pm

So what are you waiting for? Stop Talking and Start Doing.