Startup Weekend Columbus Sponsor Profile: BringShare


BringShare is not only sponsoring this upcoming Columbus, OH Startup Weekend, but they will also be providing their digital marketing analytics platform for free to all­ of the teams for the next six months“We’re really excited to be partnering with a great event that really promotes entrepreneurial thinking in our community.” said CEO Justin Spring.

Currently, when looking at their overall marketing, entrepreneurs must log in to 6+ tools, pull data and transform it into a presentable form that makes sense. BringShare relieves this headache by automatically gathering all of your marketing data all the time, compiling it into a single, easy-to-comprehend view (or dashboard) and presents data in a way that makes it simple to identify which efforts are actually paying off. BringShare allows startups to understand, in their crucial early days, which marketing initiatives provide the best return on investment, which approaches need to be modified, and those initiatives that aren’t paying off.

BringShare is based in Columbus and was founded by the same co-founders as Adept Marketing, an internet marketing strategy and consulting firm.